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Preventing the risk of ear injuries during diving and apnea

Scaphander Balm

Balm Scaphander was designed more than 20 years ago. Its purpose is to prevent professional divers, freedivers, scuba divers from the appearance of obstructions of the upper airways (ears, sinuses, eardrums) which may cause significant pain, incidents or even accidents (barotrauma) due to variations in the ambient pressure during immersion.

« Ears that you do not managet to equalize, ears that hurt, ear clearing maneuvers that do not work, these are all synonyms that means a dive, an apnea without pleasure. » 

Scaphander Balm, how does it work ?

A few minutes before immersion, apply Scaphander Balm on the frontal sinuses, on the temples, on the wings of the nose, on the maxillary sinuses, all around the ear, along the jugular vein, on the pharynx. Massage gently and allow to penetrate. Before immersion, be sure to clean your airways by exhaling strongly to empty your nasal passages.

Scaphander Balm is composed of natural essential oils, which have the effect of melting congestions that appear naturally during your dives in order to keep your airways cleared.

Scaphander Balm facilitates therefore the equalizing maneuvers of your eardrums and prevents the diver from the risk of ear injuries (barotrauma).

Unique in the world and focused on ear protection for professional divers, scubadivers and freedivers for more than 20 years, Scaphander Balm is still manufactured in France.

You are a professional of the underwater world

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